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Luxury Resorts in Koh Samui

One of the first Thai islands to welcome tourism, Koh Samui has mastered the art of providing the beautiful, relaxing vacation experience that makes the region so popular. It is a heady mix of the truly opulent and the traditional, with world-class dining, amazing beaches and luxurious spas to provide the luxury. However, you can also find the steaming street stalls offering traditional food along with an assortment of trader’s shops and the ever-present Buddhist temples that haven’t changed in hundreds of years if you take a short stroll away from the beaten path.

# 1

Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a spectacular place, an amazing natural environment that the Four Seasons has made very good use of, as the resort itself seems to sink into the palm trees that cover the area. The hillside itself creates an almost theater like setting, with the stage being the amazing sea view stretching away to the horizon in front of the incredible villas that provide the accommodation here. Each evening the sunset performs a majestic show for the entire resort as you take dinner under can light. This is really one of the most spectacular locations in the world.

Arriving here is an event, with a welcome ritual awaiting every guest, incorporating the traditional gong as they enter through the massive gates that lead to the resort and the amazing view beyond. Once inside, you are taken to your villa, and they are truly magnificent. Spacious, with a color scheme of blues and turquoises that match the sea you can gaze at outside. Each villa has its own plunge pool as well, whether you choose the hillside or beach located accommodation. The beach is the kind of white sand you see in advertisements, and finally the food. It shouldn’t be finally because it is astonishing, the best dining on the island and whatever your taste, the two restaurants between them will have something to cater to it.

# 2

Banyan Tree Samui

Located in its own bay, the Banyan Tree is within easy reach of the bustling south east of the island, and yet manages to feel like a different world, your own secluded paradise. With a free shuttle service to Lamai and Chawang always available, you can go exploring with ease, but you always have your personal paradise to return to.

Accommodation comprises of a range of private villas that begin on the beach and snake their way up the hillside. Each one feels isolated and private, with so much space between them electric buggies are provided to get you around the site, and features a pool and jacuzzi of their own. Décor is very much contemporary Thai influenced, which can look austere to some but offers a pleasant minimalist contrast to the abundance of natural beauty that surrounds you outside.

A choice of dining, from a beach located restaurant for lunch and dinner, with food to match the magnificence of the views, while a more formal dining experience at Saffron offers dinner service only. Excellent service, a truly stunning location and the feel of a private holiday villa provide you with a fantastic Thai experience.

# 3

W Retreat Koh Samui

Built on the shores of Maenam beach, one of the best on the island with golden sand the glorious views across the water, it is very much out on its own, but does feature a free shuttle to Chaweng three times a day, and it’s just a short 30-minute journey.

For anyone wanting to get away from it all, the resort itself has everything you may need without taking a trip to the bustle of Chaweng, with each of the 72 villas dotted around the resort offering privacy and opulence for all. Each villa has a private pool, and offer a very modern take on Thai design, with bold colors and inspiring materials, the beauty of natural wood in living areas, bathrooms include amazing stone tubs, creating a very relaxing, welcoming environment.

Service is enthusiastic and excellent, and with a gym, tennis courts, watersports and instruction all included, there is something for everyone. You are never far from a thumping soundtrack either, even if your choice of location is a giant beanbag on the beach. A beachside bar and choice of fine dining, all excellent and varied to give you plenty of choice, make up the dining, although a highlight is perhaps Namu, the stylish Japanese restaurant that attracts visitors from all over the island.

# 4

Conrad Koh Samui Resort & Spa

Making full use of its dramatic southwest coast location, Conrad Koh Samui overlooks the famous whale shape of the five islands to provide an incredible backdrop to any vacation, and remains quiet and secluded from the hustle and bustle of Chaweng, an hour’s drive away on the free shuttle service that departs 4 times a day.

The hotel itself is a series of concrete platforms and modern looking villas, but with subtle Thai design touches keeping the overall effect recognizably local. All the villas are south facing to take in that view, while the interiors are a blend of modern corporate hotel décor, think dark woods and big TVs, and a subtle Thai influence, in fabric colors and small touches. It’s a pleasant effect, and while it may look very familiar from any part of the world, the view from the window reminds you where you are in a second. It provides plenty of comfort and an excellent place to relax.

Service is excellent, the staff excellent and with plenty on site to do, including snorkeling, kayaks and so on. The food on offer is varied, providing a good choice to match your mood, from the formality of Jahn, with its excellent Wagyu beef, to the Azure bar and grill for a pizza or burger when the mood takes. The location brings you a truly inspiring view, and the resort itself is set up to make the very most of that for you.

# 5

Conrad Koh Samui Residences

Just a mile from the sands of Pangka Beach, Conrad Koh Samui Residences takes in the stunning views this island has to offer, and provides easy access to various activities, including just a 3-mile journey to the famous Samui snake farm.

With just 15 opulent apartments this is a boutique hotel that brings unique levels of service and true luxury to your stay. Each apartment has its own kitchenette, large TVs with cable, both wired internet and Wi-Fi as well as a private pool and minibar. The beds found in these apartments are worthy of note, featuring incredibly soft bedding and supremely comfortable mattresses, while the bathrooms contain glorious rainfall showers.

There are 3 on site restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, all excellent, and the 24-hour room service means you can enjoy any of them from the comfort of your room if you wish. Indeed, the service here is second to none, friendly when required and highly efficient, it really makes your stay that bit more special.

# 6

Vana Belle A Luxury Collection Resort Koh Samui

While some resorts on Koh Samui seek seclusion along the coasts away Chaweng and its hectic street life and airport, Vana Belle gives you perfect beaches, swaying palm trees and real luxury just 15 minutes from the airport. Surrounded by teak and reflective pools, you feel like you have stepped into the ad industries perfect rendition of a Thai beach resort, but it’s all very real and rather wonderful. Of course, superficial looks have led to disappointment for many travelers over the years, but not here. Vana Belle offers an experience to match the beauty, with something for any tatse to be found inside.

The views from any of the 80 suites is worth the visit alone, as you look across the beach to the turquoise sea beyond, it is hard not to be impressed. Décor is a little dated, with odd sculptures seeming stuck to the walls at random, but the rooms provide the comfort and luxury you expect anyway. Besides, the view outside is what you will be looking at anyway! Service is good, the staff are always willing to help you with anything, and dining is really excellent. There are two restaurants that give you a choice of Italian inspired or Thai cuisine. Either is excellent, but Panali blends Italian style with an outdoor setting that cannot be beaten. Sitting on this beautiful island eating great food outdoors just seems so perfect, it rarely gets any better than that. A wonderful experience.

# 7

Six Senses Samui

Striking a fine balance between true opulence and the naturally rustic nature of its surroundings, Six Senses is something a little different for Koh Samui. With 66 villas arranged to provide each one with magnificent views across the bay and the ocean beyond, it is a resort that maximizes the exceptionally beautiful location to provide a stunning place to spend time. Spread out to provide privacy, electric buggies are provided to allow Villa guests to get around the resort.

The accommodation itself is well designed and comfortable, and provide a somewhat rustic style that fits with the atmosphere of the resort. Dining is exceptional with a choice of restaurants, but it is the world class spa facilities that will dominate your memories of the Six Senses. Whatever your preference, the spa has everything. Highly qualified staff, a complete range of spa treatments and experiences and throughout it all, the backdrop of that beautiful view across the sea. Magical.

# 8

Pao Jin Poon Villas

Overlooking the beautiful white sands of Lamai Beach, Pao Jin Poon Villas offer luxurious, elegant accommodation through its range of villas, all boasting sumptuous views and opulent décor. Each villa boasts a kitchenette, refrigerator and fast wifi, and provide a very welcoming, relaxing environment for your stay.

Service is excellent, the villa manager really looks after you and helps you get the most out of your stay, whether that is relaxing by the pool or exploring the island, the staff will help you create your perfect vacation. A pool, plenty of options for dining and a nice, relaxed ambience make this well worth a visit.

# 9

Santiburi Beach Resort & Spa

Sitting on the beach looking out towards Koh Phangan, Santiburi resort has created a somewhat unique environment for itself. Here you find villas arranged to maximize privacy set among what is essentially a beautiful 23-acre garden. A 30-minute drive from the airport, this tranquil and stunning setting houses rooms and villas that exude classic luxury, with a contemporary Thai design twist. The gardens are impeccably manicured and the resort is paradise made real.

A choice of dining is on offer, the Pool House offers a lighter menu, the Beach House provides an informal dinner setting, while The Sala Thai brings formal dining, with some of the finest food on the island. Outside, tennis courts, yoga instruction, mountain bike tours and several other sports activities make this an excellent choice for the fitness enthusiast. For the rest, sit and admire the view, there are few better.

# 10

Kanda Residences Samui

Just 10 minutes from the airport, Kanda residences offer a beautiful setting overlooking the sea across Chaweng Beach, providing a real sense of seclusion that allows you to immerse yourself in the truly exceptional beauty of the surroundings. Each of the huge villas is located cleverly to give you the beautiful views, but with carefully crafted plant positioning providing every villa with a sense of isolation, this is a place that provides complete privacy for every guest.

The villas themselves really are expansive, with 3 or 4 bedrooms each provides spacious, high-quality accommodation that blends opulence with Thai style to create living spaces that just make you feel at home. The combination of privacy and welcoming design make these villas very much a home from home for any stay.

Each villa features a pool, a complete kitchen with dishwasher, oven and range, along with a washer dryer for your laundry if required. The resort includes spa facilities, a gym and several beachside swimming pools, and the service across the resort is enthusiastic and high-quality. Dining is delivered by the amazing RockPool Restaurant, one of the islands finest eateries and provides a spectacular setting and glorious food.

Koh Samui Boutique Luxury Hotel Map

The best high end, unique, cool and small luxury hotels displayed on our map below.

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